About Us

The Academic Development Unit aims to support the education, training and research development of Marmara University, develop strategies and carry out activities aimed at the academic development of university students, academic and administrative staff, and to increase the international prestige of Marmara University.

In this direction;

● Direct support activities for students, academic and administrative staff in partnership with faculties, institutes and other units; workshops, online resources, training and consultancy activities.

● Within the scope of activities related to international university ranking (RANKING) institutions; It carries out planning and practices aimed at providing communication between ranking institutions, and most importantly, to raise Marmara University's place in rankings to higher levels.

● For increasing the quality and quantity of teaching, learning and research activities; organizes programs to improve the literacy of academic staff in foreign languages, especially English.

● It makes programs that support the undergraduate and graduate level teaching and thesis advisory activities of the academic staff.

● Organises research, publications and scientific meetings for academic development.

● Makes research and publications related to academic development and quality improvement discipline.

● It organizes national and international scientific meetings on academic development.

● It invites internationally recognized scientists to our university.


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